• 11/17 , Can You Afford To Live In The City? (Hint: Probably Not) (Housing, Money) (housing, money, saving)
    There are three things that will take up the majority of your paycheck: housing, transportation, and food. Transportation and food costs can easily be lowered, but housing costs cannot. Where you live dictates how much your housing costs are and there’s not much you can do to change this. With that being said, most of … Continue reading "Articles"
  • 10/17 , Coffee: A Waste of Money (Food and Drink, Money) (drink, food, money, saving)
    I’m just going to go ahead and say it: millennials spend entirely too much money on coffee. In the interest of transparency, I will admit that I’m guilty of this myself: around the corner a latte at the local third wave coffee shop goes for $5, and I’ve been known to indulge from time to … Continue reading "Articles"
  • 10/17 , The Easiest Way to Save Money: Pay Yourself First (Money) (money, saving)
    Have you ever reached into your pants pocket and found $5? Congratulations, you’ve essentially stumbled upon the easiest possible method of saving money, called paying yourself first.¬†Essentially, here’s how it works: